Our experienced team of veterinary professionals is skilled in providing ill and injured pets comprehensive, compassionate patient care and exceptional client service. Our veterinary practice offers the latest technologies, equipment, and expertise so pet owners can rest assured that their four-legged family members are in the best of hands.

Full In-House Laboratory


Diagnostic testing for your pet is available through our technologically advanced in house full diagnostic lab as well as our outside reference laboratory. Blood tests can check for endocrine problems, organ function, cell counts, and much more. Although most people only think of running lab tests when the patient is ill, however we also recommend routine screenings based upon age, health status, and other factors. Additional tests include biopsy, fecal exams, cytology, and urinalysis. Some results can be obtained while you wait, while others may take a few days.

Digital Radiology


Our radiology machine generates digital images that are stored immediately and permanently to your pet’s computerized medical record.

Allergy Testing


Tens of millions of animals suffer from allergies, yet only a small fraction are ever properly diagnosed, tested, and treated. Requiring only a simple blood draw. We are proud to offer our clients and pet’s allergy testing which can accurately identify offending allergens and point the way to immunotherapy treatment.