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Greenwood Veterinary Associates


At Greenwood Veterinary Associates, we consider the safety of our patient as the highest priority and we choose to practice in a way that maximizes the likelihood of a successful outcome. We take pride in our efforts to provide exceptional care at a reasonable price. However, we must mention that not all veterinary practices and low cost clinics offer the same level of veterinary medicine- and while this may save you money- it may not be the best choice for your pet. Our surgical protocols maximize the likelihood that your pet will have a successful surgery and a quick, un-complicated recovery.

General Anesthesia

 Surgical patients will have  endotracheal intubation, 
monitoring equipment, pain management, and 
patient warming devices to help ensure a safe and 
comfortable procedure and recovery. From “routine” 
procedures such as spays and neuters, to abdominal 
exploratory surgeries and beyond, we will cater 
an anesthetic protocol to your pet’s unique 
needs.  Surgical patients should have 
pre-anesthetic lab work, radiographs and 
intravenous catheterization. 

     Dental care is very important for your pet’s 
long-term health. Although you might initially only 
notice your pet’s unpleasant breath, untreated 
dental disease can lead to problems within 
your pet’s heart and kidneys. We will check 
your pet’s teeth during each routine examination. 
We will make recommendations to you that may 
include a general anesthetic deep cleaning.